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Development Approval

To Ensure Your Documents Are in Place

The City of Summerside has established bylaws to promote smart growth and effective use of land and infrastructure over long and short terms. These goals extend to the private and publicly owned lands of our community. By enforcing bylaws, and assisting property owners, builders, and developers, we ensure any land uses that may be created are orderly and following the City’s Official Plan

The following are answers to common questions about development permits including when they are required and how the application process works.

  • Per the City of Summerside’s Official Plan, Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision and Site Development Bylaw, Development permits may be required for the construction, erection, or placing of any building and/or structure on lands; the excavation of soils for buildings and land filling; changes in the nature, scale, or intensity of uses of any building or lands; or the subdivision of lands. Development Permits are also issued for commercial and temporary signage and seasonal buildings in the form of a building permit.
  • Development permits allow the City to protect the interests of property owners and the community as a whole. By reviewing and approving plans before any work is carried out, the City can ensure the development complies with City bylaws.

You can get an application for a development permit from the Technical Services office located on the 3rd floor at City Hall, 275 Fitzroy Street, or you may download an electronic version

It's a good idea to speak with Technical Services staff before you apply and/or if you have any questions about whether you need to apply for a permit. They can discuss with you what information, drawings, and plans you'll have to include with your application and whether you'll need any other permits or approvals.

Note that permit applications are submitted to the City and not to the provincial government.

Incomplete applications or plans will delay the permit application review and the issuance of a permit.

Applications and plans can be submitted to the Technical Services department on the third floor of City Hall, 275 Fitzroy Street.

For more information, contact:

Linda Stevenson 
[email protected] 
Development Officer
City of Summerside, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1H9

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