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Building Permit FAQ
How do I obtain a building permit?
By using the online building permit application form or by visiting Technical Services on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

How long does it take to obtain a building permit?
Once all other approvals are obtained where required (zoning, subdivision etc.) and all of the required plans are submitted, it usually takes a few days to review the plans for code compliance before issuing the permit.

How may the process be delayed?
Usually this happens when other approvals are required that involve City Council and/or public consultation such as zoning changes and subdivisions. It can also happen when all of the required plans are not submitted.

How do I keep the process from being delayed unnecessarily?
Make yourself aware of the submission requirements and call or visit staff for a pre-consultation to address any issues specific to your application that may arise and that need Council approval. You should also provide all of the information as quickly as you can.

Are inspections required?
The City does inspections at different points during construction depending on the complexity of the project. You will be advised at the time your application is processed what inspections will be performed on your project.

Why do I need a building permit?
A building permit is required so that the City can assess whether your development meets City Bylaws and Regulations.

When do I need a building permit?
A building permit is required for the construction, renovation, or demolition of any building or part thereof except for the following maintenance repairs and renovations to single family, semi-detached, or duplex dwellings:
replacement or repair of roofing
  • replacement or repair of roofing 
  • replacement or repair of siding
  • installation of storm windows, storm doors, eavestroughing, and downspouts
  • replacement or repair of surface flooring
  • replacement or repair of interior surface finishes
  • landscaping including paving
  • replacement or repair of non-structural building elements where the value of the work is less than $1,000

For more information, please contact:

Cindy Hierlihy
[email protected]

City of Summerside, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE Canada

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