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Community Event Banner Hanging Procedure

Community Event Banner Hanging Procedure

It is the intent of the City of Summerside to allow for the display of banners at 626 Water Street East for a period of four consecutive weeks.

Should there be no other request to use this space after this period of time there may be an extension to the allotted time frame provided the banner is in good shape after inspection.

Banner reservations are on a “first come – first served” basis. No banner shall be erected during “winter months” as determined by the City of Summerside.

Any banner scheduled for display must be delivered to the City of Summerside at 94 Ottawa Street at least 2 working days before requested date of installation.

Banners must be picked up within one week of notification of removal, after this time it will be disposed of.

Installation and removal of the banner shall be charged a fee of $150.00 to the requesting applicant.

In the event the banner material fails, the banner will be removed.

If the banner owner wishes to have the banner re-installed, the owner must first repair the banner to the satisfaction of the City of Summerside and pay a second installation fee of $150.00.

No additional display time will result from banner failure, nor will the overall schedule advance.

 Only Banners that meet the following dimension specifications will be displayed

  • Vertical height – 3 feet
  • Horizontal length – 30 feet

The banner shall be made of durable material that does not conduct electricity and also of sufficient strength to withstand 100 km/hr. Wind forces.

Lettering etc. on the banner shall be securely glued, sewn or painted on the base material.

A minimum of twelve feet of ¼ inch rope will be securely fastened to all four banner corners.

An adequate number of grommets shall be installed on both the top and bottom lengths of the banner to facilitate installation to the structure cables with ty-wrap’s.

The banner shall provide air holes or open mesh equivalent to a minimum of 25% of the banner surface area to allow for passage of air through the banner.

For example banner that is 30’ wide and 3’ high is a total of 90 square feet, so 25% of it or 22.5 square feet must be open mesh or air holes.

Installation of more than one banner at a time (back to back or side by side) is not allowed.

For more information contact:

Greg Gaudet - Municipal Services Director
[email protected]
City of Summerside, 94 Ottawa Street, Summerside, PE, C1N0J5

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