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Information for Citizens on Water Main Flushing

What is Water Main Flushing?

Every year workers from Municipal Services go to each fire hydrant in the City of Summerside and open them for several minutes to allow a large amount of water to flow out.  This is an important part of keeping our Water System in good condition as it removes mineral deposits from our piping system and also gives workers the chance to test the operation of each fire hydrant to see if any repair work is needed.  Water Main Flushing is a normal job which all responsible cities do annually. 

How will Water Main Flushing affect me and my home or business?

Water main flushing helps our workers keep our water system reliable and in good condition.  During water main flushing you might notice some discoloration of your water.  If this happens all you need to do is allow your cold water to run in a sink or bathtub for several minutes and the discoloration will clear off. 

What about all the water that is “wasted” during flushing?

Water used for flushing is not “wasted” because it is important to perform water main flushing at least once per year in order to remove mineral deposits from the inside of our water pipes.  As well, staff monitor the level of water in our water towers and the operation of our City wells to ensure that there is still plenty of water available for you and your family to use. 

What if I don’t see City workers flushing in my area?  Did they forget me?

Workers are sent to flush most of our water system during the night so that a minimal disruption is caused to you.  At the moment when flushing is taking place, water is usually discolored, so we try to do as much flushing as possible while most people are asleep.

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