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Backyard Fire Guidelines

Backyard Fire

The City of Summerside reminds residents and visitors that small backyard fires are allowed without a permit. Safety comes first. And when you burn, please remain mindful of the safety and comfort of your neighbours. Following the guidelines below will ensure everyone enjoys a safe, non-invasive, backyard fire experience.

Guidelines for Recreational Campfires 

An exception. Campfires are prohibited by law if the forest fire index for the City of Summerside reaches HIGH or above. Check out the link at:  https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/service/check-fire-weather-index-online.

Don’t start a fire when winds are gusty or a steady 20 km per hour or higher.

Campfires should be at least 25 ft from any building and 10 ft from any shrubbery, wooden fences, over hanging trees, or combustible material.

Make sure water containers or a working garden hose and firefighting tools are close by.

A responsible adult must be present to monitor a fire and douse it if needed.

Don’t burn garbage! It is illegal. You can be charged and fined for burning plastic, rubber, treated wood, asphalt shingles, construction/demolition waste, or household garbage. When burned, these products release toxic chemicals that are dangerous to you and your neighbours.

Clean, dry firewood or briquettes should be the only fuels used in a backyard fire.

The size of the fire should not exceed 2 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft.

Fires may be tended in a ground pit with a non-combustible base, or on open ground of mineral soil, gravel or sand.

Above-ground fireplaces must be made of non-combustible material (metal, brick, cement, etc.).

Keep outdoor fireplaces and pits in good repair and in a safe condition at all times with a spark arrestor screen with a ½ inch or less mesh.

Extinguish a fire immediately if ordered by a City of Summerside Fire Officer.

A fire should be completely extinguished and soaked to stop re-ignition by 11 pm.

Think of your neighbours. Be kind. Don’t subject them or their homes to dense, wind-blown smoke.

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