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Preparing For A Power Outage

Be Prepared

We encourage residents to always be prepared in the event that power is lost for an extended period of time.

This page contains tips you can use to protect you and your family in the event of a power outage.

Prepare an Emergency Kit

Every home should have an emergency kit in an area of the home that is accessible. (Click here for more detailed information about emergency preparedness.)

Here is a list of items that should be in your kit:

  • First aid supplies
  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Battery operated radio
  • Flash lights and batteries
  • Extra medications

Tips for Power Outages

  • Light your woodstove or fireplace before the house gets cold.
  • Visit a warm up center if your home gets too cold from an extended power outage
  • When the power is out, turn down your electric heat and unplug portable heaters. Turn off major appliances such as stoves, washers, and dryers.
  • Put some ice cubes in a Ziploc bag in the freezer today. When you come home from vacation, check that bag of ice cubes. If it appears they have melted somewhat and refroze, then consider getting rid of the food in the refrigerator/freezer, as it would appear that the power must have been out for a significant time while you were away.
  • Place a thermometer in the fridge so you know the temperature in the fridge when the power comes back on. This will help you determine which foods to discard.
  • Do not open the fridge or freezer after you lose power. A properly functioning chest freezer should keep food in the safe range for 48 hours without power, and the freezer adjacent to the fridge should stay col for 24 hours without power. (if the door was not opened).
  • Do not open the door to the freezer right when the power comes on so the freezer has a chance to run.
  • The fridge can only keep foods cold for 4-6 hours without power. If the fridge is 42 degrees or above, toss out dairy, meats, and leftovers.
  • Keep a flashlight in each room of the house and have battery operated lanterns on hand to use for reading, playing games, etc. to pass the time.
  • Have a clear path to the sump pump in the basement.
  • You should have access to a phone that does not require electricity or battery power.
  • If you use a generator, do not run it inside the home or the garage. Place it outside so that carbon monoxide doesn’t become a hazard.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Covyeow - Office Clerk, Municipal Services
[email protected]

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