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Tobacco Free Indoor Outdoor Recreation Facilities

Committed to a Smoke-Free Environment

The City of Summerside recognizes that exposure of non-smokers to tobacco smoke (passive smoking) is hazardous to health and that non-smokers should be protected. Passive smoking can lead to serious illnesses in adults, such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Children can develop chest illnesses and asthma from exposure to tobacco smoke.

The City of Summerside also recognizes that the use of tobacco in any form is harmful to the user. The use of spit tobacco (snuff, chew, plug, etc.) has severe health risks, such as cancers of the throat and mouth, leukoplakia, gum and tooth disease, and loss of bone in jaw. It is also understood that children and young adults do not recognize the health hazards of spit tobacco as commonly as the threats of smoking.

Accordingly, the Tobacco Free Indoor-Outdoor Recreation Facilities Policy has been developed by the City of Summerside to protect the health of all concerned with an emphasis placed on children.

The City of Summerside is committed to providing an ideal location to live, recreate, and visit. By implementing this below policy the City of Summerside is making a tremendous step in the right direction to ensuring our commitments are met.

City of Summerside Tobacco Free Indoor-Outdoor Recreation Facilities Policy

For more information, please contact:

JP Desrosiers
[email protected]
City of Summerside, 511 Notre Dame Street St, Summerside, PE C1N

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