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Cosmetic Pesticide & Integrated Pest Management

Non-Domestic Pesticide Applications

Cosmetic Pesticide and Integrated Pest Management Bylaw (CS-19)

The intention of this bylaw is to regulate and monitor the application of allowable non-domestic pesticides within the Municipality of Summerside. Under the conditions and regulations of this bylaw, commercial companies applying allowable non-domestic restricted pesticide products will be required to:

1. Obtain Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Applicators Certification from Plant Health Atlantic Council of at least person within the Company

2. The Company must be in the process of obtaining IPM Accreditation from Plant Health Atlantic

3. Companies applying a non-domestic restricted pesticide must first:
a) Meet Infestation Thresholds
b) Follow Provincial Guidelines in regards to notifications

4. Companies conducting applications of allowable non-domestic restricted pesticides must obtain a permit from The City:
i. Any permit submitted to The City of Summerside will be subject to criteria under the City of Summerside Cosmetic Pesticide and Integrated Pest Management Bylaw and Regulations
ii. There will be a $50 Permit fee which will be required before any application under the Cosmetic Pesticide and Integrated Pest Management Bylaw
iii. In the event of infestation counts being inconclusive, the City may approve a permit, based on evidence of an infestation
iv. The City of Summerside will process permits as promptly as possible
v.  Permits may be submitted by email as well as in person
vi. Companies may set up an account for monthly application permit billing

5. IPM Certified Companies applying allowable non-domestic pesticides are subject to onsite spot audits from Plant Health Atlantic to ensure regulations are being maintained.

Supporting Documents:
IPM Program
Information Guide for Application for Baseline IPM Accreditation 

Pesticide Permit Submissions must be sent to[email protected]

For information only regarding the application of non-domestic turf products and services permitted, please contact:

Trent Williams
Parks and Green Spaces Manager
[email protected]
511 Notre Dame St., Summerside PE  C1N 1T2

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