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Submit Meter Readings
Dear Customer,

Amidst the Covid 19 pandemic, our electric & water meter readers have continued to perform their duties by reading meters at each residential and commercial property with the exception of properties where the meter(s) are located inside.  

As your meter is currently unavailable to us, we ask that you take a reading of your meter and submit it to us within the next 2 days.  Your bill will be more accurate if the meter is read regularly.

Below are two links that will help you understand how to read your meter:

How to read your electric meter
How to read your water meter

**  This form is only to be used if your meter is located inside and is inaccessible during this time of social distancing.  For clarification, a letter will be delivered to you advising you to submit a meter reading.

Submit Meter Reading

If you are uncertain with how to read your meter please e-mail a picture of your meter to [email protected].


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Please provide your preferred method of communication, should we need to contact you.

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