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Electrical Service Lines - Vegetation Management
Electrical Service Lines - Vegetation Management
Posted on 09/12/2023
Property owners are responsible to inspect and maintain clearances around their electrical service lines.
Upon inspection, if there are any safety concerns resulting from trees, the property owner can report it to Summerside Electric and they will assess the situation. 
Summerside Electric will address and resolve situations that pose a safety risk to the public, as a result of tree interference with the service lines.
 For Example:
  • Branches that are physically touching the service line.
  • Dead branches hanging over the service line.
  • Branches around the main power lines and utility poles along the street.
  • Property owners may incur charges depending on the situation and if they own the tree. 
  • Summerside Electric will prune limbs or remove trees as determined to ensure safe clearance around service lines and not at the request of the customer.

Upon inspection, Summerside Electric may choose not to take any action as they have determined a situation to be the responsibility of the property owner.
For Example:
  • Large branches with a diameter of 8" or more.
  • Locations inaccessible by mechanized equipment.
  • Branches/Leaves that are "tickling" the service wire.
  • Live tree branches that "may" contact the service wire from ice or snow loads.
  • Any branches entangled with telecommunication wires (Phone, internet or TV)

 Please call 902-432-1268, if you or your tree pruning contractor have concerns or are uncomfortable working near the live service lines. 

You can request to have the service line temporarily disconnected.

  • 48 Hours notice is required.
  • There is no charge for this service request.
  • Call us when you are ready to reconnect the service.


Illustration of Vegetation Management
Note:  Members refers to property owner.

Vegetation Management
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