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Confederation Bridge Advocacy

Summerside City Council has recently passed a Confederation Bridge Toll Policy to offer support to Senator Percy Downe.

The Confederation Bridge toll of $47.75 is a burden on every Islander, every business, and every tourist, and is a deterrent to economic growth and prosperity.

Canada made a constitutional promise to Prince Edward Island as part of its entry into Confederation in 1873.

As busy and as important as the Champlain Bridge (in Montreal) - new or old - might be, it does not exist to meet a constitutional requirement. Confederation Bridge does. (See Policy Options, Senator Percy E. Downe, Media and Information page.)

As the smallest province in Canada, let Prince Edward Island and the voices of its people be heard collectively. Working together we are stronger with a united voice on this Advocacy Effort for PEI. 

Every voice counts.

Please see the Bridge Advocacy information sub pages: 

  • Letters to the Editor
  • Media and Information
  • Petition - download the printable petition to eliminate the Confederation Bridge tolls or use the link to sign the change.org petition.
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