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Heat for Less Now

Save Energy (and Money!)

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) systems take unstable green energy, such as wind, and store it as heat to be used when there is less green energy available. For Summerside (and PEI) there is currently more wind energy being produced during the night than there is demand for. This means that the excess energy has to be sold to New Brunswick.

The City of Summerside offers a program called "Heat for Less Now" which uses ETS systems (Water Heaters, Room/Space Heaters, and Furnaces) and Smart Grid technologies to store excess wind energy in your home's heating  and/or hot water systems, for you to use instead of fossil fuel or less efficient systems.

Most utilities have on-peak and off-peak rates. Off peak rates are less expensive then on peak and are offered during the night. ETS systems allow you to download this off peak energy at night when it is less expensive and use it during the day.

The Heat For Less Now program offers a rate of $0.08/kWh as opposed to the current $0.1396/kWh rate when you purchase or lease an ETS system. The $0.08/kwh rate gives the same energy as if you were purchasing home heating oil at $0.69/L!  And the City guarantee this kwh rate for 5 years.

The ETS Water Heaters, Room/Space Heaters and Furnaces are charged with wind energy. Using wind energy greatly reduces the eco-footprint of a homes heating and/or water heating system and in some cases 5.5 tons or more CO2 emissions, can be eliminated just with a single room heater!

The 'Heat For Less Now' ETS systems are environmentally friendly and will save home owners money. 

HEAT FOR LESS NOW – via Electric Thermal Storage (ETS)

Save Energy (and Money!)

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The following information addresses some questions you may have about ETS Technology.

How can ETS technology be applied in my home? 

There are several ETS options available for residential homes. Individual room heating units can be used either alone or in conjunction with electric or oil baseboard, cove heaters, etc. Room units are also used to replace or supplement wood stoves. The Comfort Plus centrally ducted or hydronic system is generally used as a whole house heating system. It can be used as a stand-alone furnace or can be combined with a heat pump to offer even better efficiencies and lower operating costs. The Comfort Plus hydronic unit can be used to do floor heating and ducted heating at the same time. Lastly, domestic hot water heaters can be applied as an ETS technology, saving you money on your hot water needs. Since space and water heating generally consume the most energy in the home, significant savings can be realized using ETS equipment with off-peak electric rates.

Where can I purchase ETS equipment?

Contact the City of Summerside Heat for Less Now Program at (902) 432-1355 or at [email protected]

How much does it cost to operate the ETS equipment?

Cost of operation is directly related to the amount of heat loss the unit is to satisfy and the off-peak heating rate available. The ETS equipment is 100% efficient like most electric heating systems; therefore, electric consumption will be very similar. However; if your power supplier provides an off-peak electric rate, ETS systems usually provide significant savings over standard electric systems and most fossil fuel systems.

How long will the ETS equipment hold heat?

The ETS equipment is generally sized to satisfy the heating requirements on the coldest days of the year. If sized properly, the equipment will satisfy the owners desired comfort at all times. The brick core used to store the heat in the equipment is well insulated so static heat dissipation is minimized. The heating equipment has the ability to discharge heat even while it is storing heat during off-peak hours.  The Marathon Domestic Water Heaters from Rheem have 2.5" or more of Envirofoam insulation aroundt eh entire tank this Envirofoam is completely free of CFC and HCFC ozone depleting gases. The water heaters within an ETS system use 30% more green energy than solar assisted hot water heaters, and don't lose efficiencies in the winter due to panel being cold and covered in snow.  The tanks have a seamless, molded non-metallic inner tank that can't rust or corrode; polyethylene outer jacket - resists dents and scratches that may occur during install and beyond. The Marathon water heater is warranted not to leak for as long as you own your home!

How do I get the heat out of the heater and/or water heater?

The discharge of heat from the ETS equipment is controlled with a range of accessories, e.g. fans/blowers/pumps/thermostats/etc.. These operate as needed to satisfy the heating requirements of the area or people as sensed by a temperature thermostat(s). When there is a need for heat or DHW, the thermostat signals the necessary heating accessories to operate to discharge heat. When the heating requirement has been satisfied, the heating accessories turn off.

What happens if I run out of heat and/or hot water?

In areas where the Power Company has a Time of Use (TOU) rate, you may purchase on-peak power for heating appliances during this time. The Summerside Utility - offers a block of energy per month (during heating season - Oct to May while the domestic hot water [ block if offered year round) based on the individual ETS unit. This block of energy is guaranteed at a rate of .08 kwh (regular rate is .1396 kwh) for a 5-year period. If unit frequently runs out of heat or DHW , it is an indication the ETS system is undersized for the application and it may be necessary to install additional equipment.

What is the life expectancy of the heating ETS systems?

This equipment is designed to provide many years of operation to you. Life expectancy depends on proper sizing, installation, environment it is operating in, and maintenance. The ETS heating equipment has proven to be very reliable and has a five-year limited manufacturer's unit warranty on Space heaters and Furnaces, while the DHW tanks have a life time limited manufacturer's warranty plus 5 yrs. on parts.

Can I install the heater, furnace or water heater myself?

Most models are 240V directly connected heating appliances. The HFL program provides qualified electricians and/or plumbers to do the installation for you. All electrical and plumbing safety listing codes must be adhered to.

What type of maintenance is required?

Like most electric heating systems, ETS systems require very little maintenance. It is suggested to regularly clean around the heater and make sure no debris falls behind the equipment. In addition, on centrally ducted systems, regularly replace the air filter so optimum efficiency can be maintained. Water Heaters should be drained at lease once per year to clear out any sediment. 

Where do I locate ETS units, e.g., can I recess the room unit into a wall?

Yes, however, the specified minimum clearances must be adhered to. These clearances vary by room unit; however, are approximately 2" from the sides and back, 4" on top, and 15" in front of the discharge grille area. Centrally ducted and hydronic systems plus DHW appliances also will have minimum clearance requirements. Failure to comply with stated clearances may cause operational difficulties, risk of fire, injury, or death.

Does this Space/Room heater unit store "COLD" in the summer time?

NO. The Space/Room heater unit is strictly a heat source device. Cool storage requires a different storage medium currently not developed.

Can I install the equipment in a garage or workshop?

Since this environment is prone to more dust and airborne particles and may have varnish, paint or other odors present, caution is recommended. If varnishing or painting operations occur in this area, ETS is not recommended for this environment. 

Heat For Less Now - Product and Payment Options

Product Options:

Below is a listing of Products available and their associated ETS Block.
The ETS Block is the number of kwh allotted each month at the rate of $0.08/kWh.

 Steffes Room Heaters   ETS Block 
 2102  1000 kwh
2103  1500 kwh
2104  2000 kwh
2105 (6.0 kw)
 2000 kwh
2105 (7.5kw)
 2500 kwh
 Marathon Hot Water Heaters  
50US Gallon
 200 kwh
 75US Gallon  400 kwh
85US Gallon   500 kwh
105US Gallon   600 kwh
 Steffes Furnaces  
3120-21.6 kw Forced Air   3600 kwh
4120-24.8 kw Forced Air   4200 kwh
4130-28.8 kw Forced Air   4900 kwh
5120-24.8 kw Hydronic   4200 kwh
5130-37.2 kw Hydronic   7800 kwh
 5140-45.6 kw Hydronic  7800 kwh

Payment Options:
1.  Purchase Outright
2.  Lease to Own (
5 yr., 7 yr., & 10 yr. plans)
* no hidden fees at end of plan

Rebates available from Efficiency PEI (EPEI)
* EPEI Link listed below for details

For more information, contact:

Bobby Dunn
[email protected] 
City of Summerside, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE C1N 1H9

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