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Heat Pumps

Ground and Air Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps becoming more and more popular with residents of Summerside for heating and cooling their homes and businesses. They operate exclusively on electricity, create no emissions and use less energy than electric baseboards or boilers.

They use compressors and heat exchangers to pull in heat from the outdoors in to a home or other building, very much like the way a fridge transfers heat from the cold space inside the fridge to the a warmer space in the room outside of the fridge.

Geothermal heat pumps are usually about 300% efficient – meaning for every unit of energy used to operate it, it delivers 3 units of energy are delivered to heat the space.

Air heat pumps are typically about 200% efficient, the space heating energy created is twice the energy used by the heat pump.

Tip! Thermostat setbacks at night or when away should be no more than 1 degree C, greater setbacks result in extreme operation of the backup resistance heating to bring the home back up to the desired temperature. The heat pump usually does not have the ability to bring the home back up to temperature within an hour.

By comparison, electric baseboard and electric boilers have 100% efficiency.

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