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Home Energy Usage

How much energy do you and your family use daily? Do you use less or more than your neighbors? Your usage depends on the size of your home, how many people live there, the appliances you use, and if you have taken any special actions to save energy.

Home Use and Tips to Save

Ventilating, Cooling and Heating your home take a lot of energy. Electric space heaters, fireplaces), humidifiers and dehumidifiers, air exchangers and conditioning units are heavy users of electricity to operate.  One good way to decrease these costs is to install programmable thermostats throughout your home to alter the temperature in your home at night or when you are away. 

Entertainment electronics like televisions, CD players, cable receivers, video game systems, computers, speakers, monitors, etc. Unplugging these items or turning them off when plugged in to a power bar will decrease the quantity of standby electricity they use.  As well there are many products available for purchase that are ENERGY STAR® (www.energystar.gov) qualified.

Major appliance such as dryers, freezers, fridges, stoves and washers use a lot electricity in all homes. Decreasing the time some of these appliances are used can help save you money.  Buying ENERGY STAR® (www.energystar.gov) appliances will also help decrease the amount of electricity your use.  

Small appliances like toaster ovens, hot plates, blenders, microwaves, slow cookers, toasters, rice cookers, coffee makers etc., do not use as much electricity as large appliances. Using some of these smaller appliances instead of major appliances will help decrease your monthly electricity bill.

Switching high-use incandescent light bulbs used inside and outside your home with ENERGY STAR® (www.energystar.gov)  compact fluorescent light bulbs will reduce your energy use by 75% and will last 10 times longer.  Motion sensored outdoor lights on timers will also assist you in lowering your energy costs.  

Using an ENERGY STAR® (www.energystar.gov) dehumidifier with a humidity sensor, using ceiling fans in place of air conditioners will also save electricity. Insulating your home, washing  in cold water, installing low-flow faucets, toilets,  and showerheads will also save you money.

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