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Acquiring, Planting & Growing Trees

Street Tree Replacement Program

In 2012, a Street Tree Replacement program was developed to secure the health preservation of the City of Summerside’s Urban Forest. This program promotes the replacement of Street Lined Trees which are vital to the appearance of our community.

Over the years, our street tree population has experienced a dramatic decline resulting from issues such as Dutch Elm Disease and an aging tree population. In an effort to offset the noticeable decline in our urban street tree population, our Street Tree Planting Program ensures that our trees are replaced for the enjoyment of future generations.

Citizens are eligible to apply for a city funded tree replacement thanks to the City of Summerside Street Tree Program along with The TD Green Street Program.

Criteria for Replacements:

  1. Trees removed must be at least 12 inches in diameter to qualify for a replacement tree.
  1. Trees to be considered must be designated as street trees (no more than 3.5 meters from City property).
  1. Citizens receiving replacement trees must assume future maintenance including watering and pruning.
  1. Selection of trees to be replaced will be subject to the completion of an application form for review. Number of applicants selected for a particular year will be determined by: 
    1. Budgeted funding for the program for the fiscal year
    2. Availability of certain tree species
  1. The City will determine tree species and varieties being replaced (recommended list of trees will be supplied).
  1. The program does not include covering the costs of private tree removal.
  1. The program will include public trees bordering private property.
  1. Only trees which have been removed no more than 3 years prior to 2012 will be eligible.
  1. The City reserves the right to approach property owners for street tree planting where previous tree populations have been dramatically declined (e.g. reduction in areas which have experienced tree reductions from Dutch Elm Disease).


Some of the benefits of such a program are:

* Assists in providing an urban reforestation plan

* Assists citizens in selecting and providing replacement tree species

* Creates diversity within The City of Summerside Urban Forest

* Ensures a safe healthy urban forest for our citizens

For more information, please contact:

Trent Williams
[email protected]
511 Notre Dame St, Summerside, PE  C1N 1T2

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