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Our Charges and Fees

Security Deposit

Summerside Electric requires a security deposit (greater amount between two month estimated billing or $100) from all new customers. You do not require a security deposit if:

  • You have a satisfactory payment history on another account with the City
  • You have a good credit reference from another electrical utility.

Connection Fees

Most initial service connections (including temporary metered facilities) for Summerside Electric will be charged a fee of $75.08. Additional fees ($61.67) will be incurred if the connection is requested outside of regular business hours. You may also be charged additional fees if your connection requires an extension of overhead, underground facilities, or other such requests.

Demand Charges and Service Charges

All residential Summerside Electric customers are billed a service charge. This charge is to cover the cost of acquiring and maintaining our equipment.

Service Call Fee

A service call fee of $42.44 (plus GST)$48.81 is applicable to the following services:

  • Change from temporary to permanent service;
  • Reconnection of service, including reconnection of accounts disconnected for nonpayment, installations where services have been upgraded and connections that do not require installation of a service loop, and connection of services that require a meter reading only;
  • If the meter is removed for testing at the customer’s request and the test results indicate the meter accuracy is within the allowable limits;
  • Each addition to an existing unmetered Account.

A service call fee is not applicable to the following services:

  • Reconnection of service disconnected as a result of fire or other casualty or any incident not the fault of the customer;
  • Transfer of service under the landlord service plan;
  • Installation of area lights;
  • Additions to street lighting or traffic control light Accounts;
  • Disconnection of service;
  • Service to a premises to facilitate changes of a minor nature such as meter removal for replacement of siding.

After-hours Fee

If a Customer requests service outside the City’s normal working hours, an after hours fee will be charged in addition to the connection or service call fee. The after-hours fee is $61.67 for jobs requiring two (2) person hours or less, including travel. For jobs requiring more than two (2) person hours, the after-hours fee is set at the City’s incremental cost of providing the service.

Late Payment Charge

The late payment charge for all Customers is 1.65% per month (effective annual rate of 21.70% per annum or .05382% compounded daily rate). The minimum late payment charge is $0.55. If an Account is less than $4.00 in arrears, no late payment charge is applied.

Non Sufficient Funds Charge

The charge for non sufficient funds is $16.50.

General Information:

902-432-1235:  Customer Service
902-432-1230:  Billing
902-432-1268:  Emergency or After Office Hours

City of Summerside, 275 Fitzroy Street, Summerside, PE  C1N 1H9

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